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Central Goods & Service Tax Division III

DIVISION-III ( Division - ZC03 )

Sector 31 to 45, 50 to 56, Airport and Village Hallomajra, Behlana, Palsora, Dadu Majra & Maloya, Chandigarh, Plot No. 1 onwards,   Industrial Area, Phase-II, Chandigarh

ZC0301 Range-I Plot No. 1 to 110, Industrial Area, Phase-II, Chandigarh
ZC0302 Range-II Plot No. 111 to 300, Industrial Area, Phase-II, Chandigarh, Airport and Village Hallomajra; Behlana, Chandigarh
ZC0303 Range-III Plot No. 301 to 500, Industrial Area Phase-II and Sector 31, 32, 46 to 49 Chandigarh.
ZC0304 Range-IV Plot No. 501 onwards in Industrial Area, Phase-II Chandigarh
ZC0305 Range-v Sector 33 to 45, 50 to 56, Village Palsora, Dadu Majra & Maloya, Chandigarh

Administrative Structure :

Dr. Sandeep Kaur     Deputy Commissioner 
Contact No : 
E-Mail :
Address : 6th Floor, C.R. Building, Plot No.19, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh - 110 017

Charge Superintendents Inspectors Email Address
Range-I Rakesh Singh Ankit Rawat
Range-II Rakesh Singh Ankit Rawat  
Range-III Rakesh Singh Ankit Rawat
Range-IV Kernail Singh Kamal Kumar
Range-V Kernail Singh Kamal Kumar