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सतर्कता, वार्षिक निष्पादन की मूल्यांकन रिपोर्ट एवं अचल सम्पति का विवरण




 Circular Regarding Submission of IPR Retunes by Govt. Servants for the year 2016 by 31-01-2017

सरकारी कर्मचारियों द्वारा आई .पी आर रिटन प्रस्तुत करने के लिए वर्ष 2016 के लिए दिनांक 31.01.2017 तक


Notification Number G.S.R.747(E) dated 29th July 2016 issued by DOPT reg. Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Public servants under section 44 of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act,2013


Letter dated 018.04.2017 reg. Completion of APARs in time for 2016-17

Letter dated 09.03.2017 reg. Completion of APARs in time for 2016-17


वार्षिक निष्पादन की मूल्यांकन रिपोर्ट के परिपत्र

Annual Performance Assessment Report Performas



ग्रुप 'बी' राजपत्रित अधिकारियों की 2013 का अचल सम्पति का विवरण /

2013 IPR's of Group 'B' Officers (Gazetted)



ग्रुप 'बी' राजपत्रित अधिकारियों की 2011 का अचल सम्पति का विवरण /

IPR's of Group 'B' Officers (Gazetted)  for the Year 2011








Grievances can primarily be divided into three categories:

1. Complaints of corrupt practices against officers

2. Delay in decision making by officers.

3. Grievances against merits of the decision taken by officers.


For dealing with complaints against corrupt practices by officers, the department has a separate vigilance organisation headed by the Directorate General of Vigilance. Any complaints of corruption against the officer can be logged with the D.G. Vigilance at New Delhi or the Zonal units of the Directorate of Vigilance.


Similarly, for redressal of grievances against the merits of a decision taken by any officers, the law itself provides for remedial measures in the form of appeals, revisions etc. to the departmental officers or to the tribunal as the case may be. An order passed by the officer contains a preamble indicating the authority to whom the appeal can be made and the procedure thereof. For the details of the mechanism for appeals, revisions the relevant provisions in the Customs and Excise law may be referred.


For all other types of grievances including delays in decision making, administrative machinery exists in each Custom House/Central Excise Commissionerate to deal with such complaints. To begin with each field formation has an officer designated as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) who can be approached for seeking information on any technical or administrative matter.

For delays in decision making on the part of any officer (such as delay in assessment of a Bill of Entry, Shipping Bill or delays in sanction of refunds, drawback etc.) the aggrieved person is advised to meet the senior officers like Joint/Additional Commissioners as also the Commissioners of Customs or Central Excise as the case may be. Usually the Commissioners set apart an hour during the day to meet any member of the public without any prior appointment.


Apart from the aforesaid arrangements, a system of Public Grievance Committees (PGC) also exists in all the Custom Houses and Central Excise Commissionerates. These committees generally meet once a month and take up specific issues pertaining to delays or other matter of general interest. These committees are chaired by the concerned Commissioners of Customs and Central Excise and have representatives from the various local trade organisations as also representative of other government departments, ports etc. On request any person can be invited specially to these committees for any specific issue to be discussed. At some of the places there are different PGCs separately for the grievances of the public sector and private sector entities.


In the Custom Houses apart from the Public Grievance Committees there is also an institution of Watch Dog Committee. This Committee, chaired by the Commissioner meets once a week and takes up all cases of grievances of individual members of the trade or the public for resolution.


There is another forum in the Commissionerates and Custom Houses in the form of Regional Advisory Committees. These committees generally meet once a quarter and take up issues of general interest as against specific cases which are taken up by the PGCs. At the apex level there is the Customs and Central Excise Central Advisory Council which is chaired by the Finance Minister and comprises the heads of FICCI, CII, ASOCHAM, AIMO, FIEO etc. as its members. Two Members of Parliament are also represented on this council. This council takes up general issues relating to procedures and policy for both Customs and Central Excise matters.





The Directorate General of Vigilance is an attached office of the Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) in the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India. It is headed by the Director General of Vigilance who is also the Chief Vigilance Officer of the Central Board of Excise & Customs.

2. While the overall responsibility for the maintenance of integrity and efficiency on the part of the officers and staff working under the control of CBEC vests in the Chairman of the Board, the Chief Vigilance Officer interacts with the Board in all matters relating to vigilance and provides the link between the Central Board of Excise & Customs and the Central Vigilance Commission. The Chief Vigilance Officer is appointed with the approval of CVC. The Director General of Vigilance / Chief Vigilance Officer liases with the Central Vigilance Commission, the Central Bureau of Investigation and field formations in matters relating to complaints having vigilance angle, investigation thereof, issue of Charge Sheets, conducting inquiries and imposition of penalties on the erring officers.

3. The headquarters of the Directorate General of Vigilance is at 1st and 2nd Floor, Hotel Samrat, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. It has four Zonal Units at New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai.

4. As far as Groups `B', `C' & `D' officers are concerned, the Commissioner/Addl. Commissioner / Jt. Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise of the respective field formations are the Disciplinary Authority. While complaints relating to allegation of corruption or matter having a bearing on the conduct of any officer / staff may be posted to the Director General of Vigilance / Chief Vigilance Officer, in the interest of speedy investigations, it would be preferable to file the complaints to the respective Zonal Chief Commissioner or to the concerned Commissioner himself. In respect of Group `A' & `B' officers, copy of such complaints may be endorsed to CVO/DG(VIG). The complaints should be signed giving the full address including telephone/fax no., e-mail address etc. of the complainant. Complaints may be sent to DG (Vigilance) or other officers of his organization whose e-mail addresses are given in the table below. Full postal address of the person making the complaint may be indicated while sending the e-mail, and complaints received on e-mail without the full postal address of complainant may not be entertained. The confidentiality of the complainant's identity will be maintained.

5. The names of officers of the Directorate General of Vigilance along with their designations to whom such postal complaints may be sent are given below. Sending the complaints to the concerned jurisdictional office would expedite the action thereon.

Sl. No.

Name of Office

Name of Officer and Address



Delhi (Hqrs)

Shri S S Rana II
Director General of Vigilance
Custom & Central Excise
2nd Floor, Hotel Samrat
Chanakya Puri
New Delhi - 110021

Phone - (011) 26115722
Fax - (011) 26115724

E-mail : dgvig@icegate.gov.in

All India


Delhi (Hqrs)

Ms. Manoranjan Virk
Additional Director General (Hqrs),
Custom & Central Excise
2nd Floor, Hotel Samrat
Chanakya Puri
New Delhi - 110021

Phone - (011) 26115725
Fax - (011) 26115726

E-mail : adgvig@icegate.gov.in

All India


Delhi (North Zone)

Smt. Reena Arya
Addl. Director General ((NZU)
Directorate General of Vigilance
Custom & Central Excise, North Zonal Unit
2nd Floor, C R Building
I P Estate
New Delhi - 110002

Phone - (011) 23370006
Fax - (011) 23370982

E-mail : adgvignorth@icegate.gov.in

Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.


Mumbai (West Zone)

Sh. Madhu Mohan Damodar
Addl. Director General

Directorate General of Vigilance,Customs and Central ExciseWest Zonal Unit,7th Floor, Annexe Building, New Customs House,

Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400 001


Phone No. 022 - 2261 3514
Fax No. 022 - 2267 5377

E-mail : adgvigwest@icegate.gov.in

Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli


Chennai (South Zone)

Shri Talkeswar Singh
Addl. Director General (SZU.)
Directorate General of Vigilance,
Customs and Central Excise
South Zonal Unit, Custom House
5th Floor, Annexe 33, Rajaji Salai
Chennai - 600001

Phone No. (044) 25233063
Fax (044) 25330713

E-mail : adgvigsouth@icegate.gov.in

Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry and Lakshadweep.


Kolkata (East Zone)

Shri Talkeswar Singh
Addl. Director General (EZU)
Directorate General of Vigilance,
Customs and Central Excise
East Zonal Unit, 44, Part Street, (2nd Street)
Kolkata - 700016

Phone No. (033) 22472311
Fax (033) 22473048

E-mail: adgvigeast@icegate.gov.in

West Bengal, Orissa, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal, Manipur and Andaman and Nicobar.







वार्षिक निष्पादन की मूल्यांकन रिपोर्ट के परिपत्र /
Annual Performance Assessment Report Performas



 कार्यकारी राजपत्रित अधिकारी



Executive Gazetted Officers



मुख्य लेखा अधिकारी, सहायक मुख्य लेखा अधिकारी, प्रशासनिक अधिकारी, कार्यालय अधीक्षक, उप कार्यलय अधीक्षक

वरिष्ठ कर सहायक, कर सहायक, अपर क्षेणी किपिक, आशुलिपिक ग्रेड I, II,III/


Chief Accounts Officer, Assistant Chief Accounts Officer, Admin. Officers, Office Superintendent, DOS

Senior Tax Assistant, Tax Assistant, Lower Division Clerk, Stenographer Grade-I, II, III


 हेड हवलदार, हवलदार, सिपाही

कनिष्ठ/वरिष्ठ हिन्दी अनुवादक


Head Havaldar, Havaldar, Sepoy

Junior/Senior Hindi Translator 


वरिष्ठ निजी सचिव/निजी सचिव/ आशुलिपिक ग्रेड I & II



Senior PS/PS/Stenographer Grade-I &II







                                        ग्रुप 'बी' राजपत्रित अधिकारियों की 2013 का अचल सम्पति का विवरण

                                                               2013 IPR's of Group 'B' Officers (Gazetted)

      नाम/Name पदनाम/Designation
    1 अजय सिहं Ajay Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    2 अमरेश्वर गौतम Amreshwar Gautam अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    3 अनुराग चौधरी  Anuraj Choudhary अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    4 अरविन्द कालिया Arvind Kalia अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    5 अश्वनी कपूर Ashwani Kapoor अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    6 बी डी  त्यागी B D Tyagi अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    7 बी आर नेगी B R Negi अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    8 बलजिंदर सिहं Baljinder Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    9 भगवान सिहं Bhagwan Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    10 भाषा राम Bhasha Ram अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    11 भुवनेश्वर मिश्र Bhuvneshwar Mishra अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    12 बिक्रम सिहं Bikram Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    13 डी एन कोछड D N Kochar अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    14 दलजीत कौर Daljeet Kaur  अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    15 धर्मवीर सिहं Dharmvir Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    16 जी एम शर्मा G M Sharma अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    17 हरदेव मोहन शर्मा Hardev Mohan Sharma अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    18 आई एम सिहं I M Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    19 इंदरजीत सिहं अनेजा Inderjit Singh Aneja अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    20 जे के सैनी J K Saini अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    21 जगजीत सिहं Jagjit Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    22  जय कँवर Jai Kanwar अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    23 जसप्रीत सिहं विर्क Jaspreet Singh Virk अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    24 के डी गुप्ता K D Gupta अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    25 के एन भरद्वाज K N Bhardwaj अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    26 कमलेश शर्मा Kamlesh Sharma अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    27 कश्मीर सिहं  Kashmir Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    28 केवल क्रिशन Kewal Krishan अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    29  किशु गुप्ता Kishu Gupta अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    30  कुलवंत सिहं Kulwant Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    31  मनोज कुमार भान Manoj Kumar Bhan अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    32 मेहर सिहं Mehar Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    33 मुनीश आर्य Munish Arya अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    34 नरेश कुमारी Naresh Kumari अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    35 नरिंदर मोहन Narinder Mohan अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    36 निर्मल सिहं Nirmal Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    37 ओ पी बिष्ट O P Bisht अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    38 ओम प्रकाश शर्मा Om Prakash Sharma अधीक्षक/Superintendent
  39 पी के लखनपाल P K Lakhanpal अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    40  परवेश कुमार Parvesh Kumar अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    41 पवन कुमार भरद्वाज Pawan Kumar Bhardwaj अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    42 प्रीतम सिहं Pritam Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    43 आर के अरोडा R K Arora अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    44 आर के मल्होत्रा R K Malhotra अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    45 आर एल मीना R L Meena अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    46 आर पी शर्मा R P Sharma अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    47 आर आर यादव R R Yadav अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    48 आर एस गुलेरिया R S Guleria अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    49 राजेश भट्ट  Rajesh Bhat अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    50 राजेश कुमार अरोड़ा Rajesh Kumar Arora अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    51  रजनीश दीवान Rajneesh Diwan अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    52 राम पल शर्मा Ram Pal Sharma अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    53 राम प्रकाश Ram Praksah अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    54 राम प्रसाद Ram Prasad अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    55 रंजना शर्मा Ranjana Sharma अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    56 रवि कान्त Ravi Kant अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    57 रविंदर सिहं नेगी Ravinder Singh Negi अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    58 रूप कमाल गुप्ता Roop Kamal Gupta अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    59 एस जी नेगी S G Negi अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    60 एस के बब्बर S K Babbar अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    61 एस के कश्यप S K Kashyap अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    62 सरवन सिहं Sarwan Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    63 सत्य पाल Satya Pal अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    64 सीमा Seema अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    65 शरनजीत सिहं Sharanjit Singh अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    66 शेर सिहं नेगी  Sher Singh Negi अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    67 श्रुति कान्त Shrutikant अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    68 सोनम अंगदुई Sonam Angdoi अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    69 सुनील बैंस Sunil Bains अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    70 सुनील शर्मा Sunil Sharma अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    71 सुरिंदर कुमार भाटिया Surinder Kumar Bhatia अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    72  ताशी अंगदुई Tashi Angdui अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    73 तेजिंदर पल सिहं नागपाल Tejinder Pal Singh Nagpal अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    74 वी  पी एस चौहान V P S Chauhan अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    75 विभा खुल्लर Vibha Khullar अधीक्षक/Superintendent
    76 सविता शर्मा Savita Sharma प्रशासनिक अधिकारी / Administrative Officer
    77 सुदेश शर्मा Sudesh Sharma प्रशासनिक अधिकारी / Administrative Officer
    78 तरुणा गोयल Taruna Goyal प्रशासनिक अधिकारी / Administrative Officer
    79 वीणा मुंजाल Veena Munjal प्रशासनिक अधिकारी / Administrative Officer




IPR's of Group 'B' Officers (Gazetted)  for the Year 2011
Sr. No. Name of Officer Designation   Sr. No. Name of Officer Designation   Sr. No. Name of Officer Designation
1 AP Kaushal Superintendent   37 Kamlesh Sharma Superintendent   73 Sarwan Singh Superintendent
2 AS Minhas Superintendent   38 Kanwar Pal Singh Superintendent   74 Satpal Singh Superintendent
3 Ajit Singh Superintendent   39 Kashmir Singh Superintendent   75 Savita Sharma Admn Officer
4 Anil Kumar Sood Superintendent   40 Kesar Singh Superintendent   76 Savitri Gupta Asstt. Director
5 Arvind Kalia Superintendent   41 Kewal Krishan Superintendent   77 Shamsher Singh Superintendent
6 Ashwani Kumar Kapoor Superintendent   42 Kiran Bala Admn Officer   78 Sharanjit Singh 29.08.55 Superintendent
7 Ashwani Kumar Sharma Superintendent   43 Kulwant Singh Superintendent   79 Sharanjit Singh  27.03.60 Superintendent
8 BD Tyagi Superintendent   44 MK Bhan Superintendent   80 Shashi Bala Mann Admn Officer
9 BR Negi Superintendent   45 Manish Immauel Superintendent   81 Sher Singh  Negi Superintendent
10 Balbir Singh Superintendent   46 Mehar Singh Superintendent   82  Sudesh Sharma Admn Officer
11 DN Kochhar Superintendent   47 Muni Ram Superintendent   83  Sukhdeep Singh Hundal Superintendent
12 Daljeet Kaur Superintendent   48 Madhu Bala Superintendent   84  Sunil Bains Superintendent
13 Darshan Ram Superintendent   49 Naresh Kumari Superintendent   85  Sunil Kumar Grover Superintendent
14 Dharam Singh Superintendent   50 Neelam Arora Superintendent   86  Sunil Kumar Superintendent
15 Fauja Ram Superintendent   51 Nirmal Kalsi Superintendent   87 Sunil Sharma Superintendent
16 HM Sharma Superintendent   52 Naresh Kumari Admn Officer   88 Suresh Kumar Superintendent
17 Harinder Kaur Dhillon Admn Officer   53 OP Bisht Superintendent   89 Surinder Kaur Superintendent
18 Harinder Pal Singh Superintendent   54 Patinder Malhotra Superintendent   90 Surinder Kumar Bhatia Superintendent
19 Harjit Singh Superintendent   55 PK Lakhanpal Superintendent   91  Sushma Gupta Superintendent
20 Harvinder Singh Superintendent   56 Prem Kumar Superintendent   92 Sushma Sharma Superintendent
21 Inder Mohan Singh Superintendent   57 Pritam Singh Superintendent   93 Seema  Superintendent
22 Inderjit Singh Aneja Superintendent   58 RR Yadav Superintendent   94 Sujata Bhangotra Admn Officer
23 JBS Negi  Superintendent   59 RS Negi Superintendent   95 Sulekha Katoch Admn Officer
24 Jai Kanwar Mittal Superintendent   60 RN Kaul  Admn Officer   96 Taruna Goel Admn Officer
25 Jagjit Singh Superintendent   61 Rajender Chopra Superintendent   97 Tashi Angdui Superintendent
26 Jaspreet Singh Superintendent   62 Rajjan Bala C.A.O.   98 Tassine Sultan Superintendent
27 Jitender Singh Saini Superintendent   63 Rajneesh Dewan Superintendent   99 TMS Sidhu Superintendent
28 KD Sharma Superintendent   64 Ram Pal Sharma Superintendent   100 TPS Nagpal Superintendent
29 KL Sethi Superintendent   65 Ramesh Sharma Superintendent   101 VK Trehan Superintendent
30 KS Chahal Superintendent   66 Pawan Kumar Superintendent   102 Veena Munjal Admn Officer
31 KN Bhardwaj Superintendent   67 Ravi Kant Superintendent   103 Vibha Superintendent
32 KD Gupta Superintendent   68 Ravinder Kumar Arora Superintendent   104 Vijay Kumar Sabharwal Superintendent
33 Kishu Gupta Superintendent   69 Ravinder Kumar Malhotra Superintendent   105 Vijay Pal Singh Chauhan Superintendent
34 KS Katna Superintendent   70 Roop Kamal Gupta Superintendent   106 Ranjana Sharma Superintendent
35 Kailash Nath Superintendent   71 SR Kaushal Superintendent   107  Yudhvir Singh Superintendent
36 KK Talwar Superintendent   72 Santosh Kumar Superintendent